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Recycling Services in Halifax and Surrounding Areas

Since 1968, Gerald's Trucking & Garbage Haul has been proudly offering convenient recycling solutions alongside waste removal services to Halifax residents. Whether you need commercial recycling services or residential recycling services, we are your one-stop company for everything. We can haul away anything, even the items that many removal and recycling companies don’t. This includes heavy construction debris, big furniture, electronics equipment, and more. Since we care about the environment, we not only utilize eco-friendly products during the removal projects, but also ensure that the removed items are either recycled properly or disposed of completely. We never cut corners when it comes to delivering our services!

Residential and Commercial Recycling Pickup and Delivery

We are equipped with heavy-duty trucks and trailers, which makes it possible for us to carry a large amount of waste at a time. In addition, we also have connections with prominent recycling facilities, so that you can rest assured that your waste items will reach the appropriate recycling facility and get recycled properly. We are experts in the field and ensure that every item is disposed of as per the local and federal guidelines. As a full-service company, we take care of everything, from the pick up to the identification to the separation and recycling. When you choose our environmentally-friendly services, you enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you are playing a part in contributing to the environment.

We take away your following items for recycling:

Paper cardboard
Work desks
Electronic items
Blue bag items

And more.


We also carry out eviction clean-up and give away your old but usable items to donation centres.


Need Recycling Pick-Up Service?

Call us and say goodbye to all your waste materials for good!

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