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Residential Waste Removal Services in Halifax

Why spend your precious time and energy dealing with the junk in your backyard when an established company can get the job done fast? With over five decades of experience and dependable waste removal support, Gerald's Trucking & Garbage Haul in Halifax can help you declutter your house and live in a clean and healthy space. We listen to your request and customize our junk removal services to suit your unique needs. Here are some of the many things that we remove and dispose of from your property:

Regular Trash
General Rubbish
Yard Waste
Carpeting and Rugs
Renovation Waste
Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis
Mattresses and Box Springs
Scrap Metals
Rubber Tires
Exercise Equipment
Small Amounts of Asphalt
Old Furniture
Electronic Items
Washers and Dryers
Glass Windows
Small Amounts of Bricks

From Clutter to Cleanliness, We Are All About Making a Difference

In the time that we have spent in the industry, we have met many challenges when doing residential waste removal jobs. This is what has motivated us to stay up to date with the latest methods so that we can meet the changing needs of clients and deliver a seamless service every time. Since we understand that the requirements of every client are different, we always make it a point to tailor our services to fit them. We offer services at the best prices!


We can help you with:

Residential Construction and Renovation Cleanout

Have you recently renovated your home? If you have a lot of debris left behind that you can't deal with, a simple and efficient way to handle it is to hire a construction waste removal company that can not only remove the debris but also clean up the space after removing it. We deal with all kinds of construction and renovation debris, including doors, windows, metals, drywall, fixtures, old furniture, appliances, tiles, and more. We also offer light demolition services, in case you need it. Once we remove the debris, we responsibly dispose of it by recycling the possible components.

Family Estate Cleanout

It is already hard when a loved one passes away. In such a state, you would hardly want to think of anything else, much less cleaning out the property. However, despite the stressful time, your estate still needs to be cleaned and settled quickly to mitigate any financial burdens. Gerald's Trucking & Garbage Haul helps you by removing the items and cleaning out your estate as quickly as possible. We offer efficient and timely services!

Workspace Cleanout

Is your work desk a mess, full of unwanted items that need to be thrown away? What’s the point of having a workbench if you never find any space to actually work on it? When you know that it’s high-time to get things organized, call our team at Gerald's Trucking & Garbage Haul. We will carry our supply box and all the necessary tools to your site and clean your workspace efficiently!

Garage Cleanout

It is common for garages to become catch-all spots for clutter, junk, and regular storage. If not done regularly, cleaning your garage may turn out to be a difficult task to execute. We offer complete cleanout services to help keep your garage tidy and prevent accumulating a large amount of waste. We are efficient in our job and can easily handle removing and disposing of your unwanted items.


Remove Waste from Your Home

We will bring our trucks and tools to give your home a complete cleanout!

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