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Dump Trailer Rental Service in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Are you planning to remove junk but don't have the equipment to do it? Make sure that you have all the required equipment with you, especially an industry-tested dump trailer. We have a variety of dump trailers available for rent at Gerald's Trucking & Garbage Haul in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can rent our dump trailers for all types of waste removal jobs, including yard clean-ups, garage clean-ups, construction and renovation debris, large scale moving, and more. We provide you with quality vehicles that are designed to carry heavy junk items, so that you experience no hassles during your waste removal projects. We drop off the trailer, you load it, and we'll pick it up at a later date. Alternatively, we'll bring the trailer, load it ourselves, and take it away. Call us today to learn more!

Affordable, Easy-To-Rent Dump Trailers

We offer dump trailers at very convenient prices to both commercial and residential clients. Our basic package includes dump trailer rentals for 3 days. All of our trailers hold about 11/2 times more waste than any of our dump trucks. Here’s why you should choose our dump trailers:

Tandem axle
Durable side walls
Fair, flexible pricing
Convenient drop-offs
Driveway friendly
Convenient hydraulic system for dumping
Ideal for towing mulch, gravel, and other soils

See Our Dump Vehicles

Gerald's trailer

6 feet wide  x 10 long x 4 high

Gerald's trailer with concrete debris

12 long x 6 wide x 4 high


Hire Trailers on Rent

We offer you trailers of different sizes for your waste management project!

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